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Academics are not the experts, managers are the experts but what fitting-in can do is to help managers to use their expertise.

Theory without practice is a waste - Practice without theory may just be dumb!



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We continue to liaise with Sweden and the lack of work due to the financial crisis in the fire service provides time for us to work in research

  • Dave is writing two chapters for books on the fire service
  • Sarah is drawing her PhD on management in the fire service to a close


Dave awarded Visiting Fellowship at Karlstad University.

In Ocotber 2013 we carried out a series of workshops at the MSB conference on equality in Stockholm to explain our methodology for change.

During 2013 Fitting-in has delivered a series of six workshops with Rescue South on their 'Fire Station for All' project - The last one was in November and we have spoken with almost all RSD employees. This work builds on the workshops and research that we did with RSYD in 2012.

This amazing three year project has been funded by the Swedish Government to seek out the best ways to integrate women into the fire service and will feature in our chapter in the GRO book on equality in the emergency services

Reference from Per Widlundh, Chief Fire Officer, Region South Fire and Rescue Service



Dave awarded Fellowship status at the Institute of Fire Engineers

Dave writing up his findings from:

25th March to the April 2012 Swedish visit: Meeting with MSB and Presentations for the Swedish Fire Service's 'Station for all' programme: Fitting-in were instrumental in helping to develop and deliver the Programme for action - particularly the notion of a fire station for everyone that provides a focus for Sweden's policy on equality until 2014

The five year project "Gender, Rescue Service and Organisation" in association with Linköping University and the Swedish Fire Service (2010-14)

View our work in Sweden

2012 onwards A training audit followed by recommendations and training for an as yet undisclosed major organisation in the UK


LGA: 'Fire and Rescue Services: Going the extra mile' (2011). LGA commissioned fitting-in to provide an audit of national responses to government austerity measures: Presented to the LGA Annual Conference 20011.

Bespoke equality training (2010-11) to understand and overcome a local difficulty in an undisclosed major organisation in the UK

Presentations to Gender and Emergencies Workshop - Linköping University

Ongoing research in one shire fire service on retained and wholetime service and management

Research into the FBU's treatment of women's section


South Yorkshire: Perceptions. Our 2010 cultural audit for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service looked at how managers can improve relations with the workforce. This is what CFO Mark Smitherman had to say about our work

"South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue was very pleased with the outcome of our involvement with Fitting-in; as it says on their tin, "managers in the emergency services are the experts - What fitting-in can do is help managers to use their expertise" and Dave and Sarah worked very well with us to challenge imbedded perceptions and cultural history within the service during a very intense period of change within South Yorkshire. The result is a far more rounded and pragmatic collective understanding of where we want to be as an organisation – a challenging process, but very worthwhile."

LGA Equality Network: We have also presented to the LGA on our analysis of how 'Localism' would influence the equality agenda. The presentation, including the feedback from the interactive session, are available on the LGA website - we are available to carry out similar work in your service.

The Chair of the network Cllr Brenda Forster said:

“Fitting-in provided an excellent and informative presentation, with many attendees giving it very positive feedback. The information on fire service culture was very interesting and the interactive session provided some good insights for the attendees”

LGA Annual Conference 2010 - Fitting-in workshop on fire service culture


A series of cultural audits and managerial reports on the retained and wholetime service in a shire service (2009-11). These reports remain confidential

If you want to know more about these reports or would like to talk about how we can provide you with a similar package with outcomes then do not hesitate to contact us

ReadRight: action research fellowship on educating non traditional students


Merseyside and the Ethos reports


Melbourne Diversity in Emergency Services Conference


One Decade On. National Survey of women in the fire service


FireWorks for equality in the fire service


Research Fellowship with the University of New South Wales and New South Wales Fire Brigades

Attended AFAC to present Firefighting men can do it can women do it too


A national cultural audit on initial training: Sunrise - training firefighters today as tomorrow's emergency workers


A local cultural audit on initial training: Fitting -in the first fourteen weeks


Fitting-in established and sets up an academic data base of articles following Dave's Phd research on fire service culture: One more last working class hero


First research project: a national survey on women in the fire service: Who rings the bell

View our work in Sweden

Presentations to conferences and academic work







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References: See what The Swedish Fire Service, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, Merseyside Fire and Rescue, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Fire Services, Swedish MSB and Tom Carroll (Past president of CFOA ) and others have said.

Fitting-in can provide a cultural audit that not only feeds back on attitudes in your service it also provides an outside view on how your organisation is thinking at all levels that is supported by recommendations for focussing change.This is what Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service had to say about the Ethos research, communications and training project:

"The Service are delighted with the research and reports produced by "Fitting-in. We believe that your original hypothesis and work undertaken in Merseyside has resulted in a ground breaking piece of work that can only serve to inform the wider fire and rescue communities." 

For further information or just to talk about what fitting-in can provide ring Dr Dave Baigent (FIFireE) 07802 495 329 or email

Academic theory without practice is a waste - practice without theory may just be dumb

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