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Audit Commission Report 'Rising to the Challenge'

Does this suggest a Pheonix expectation? -

Fitting-in has developed workshops to work with your staff on this report

These workshops could operate at any level

To set strategy


To communicate the points raised by the audit commission

Aims and objectives:

To identify the message from the Audit Commission

To gain ideas on how your teams may answer some of the difficult questions the Audit Commission have raised

To raise awareness

To get your people involved

Typically this would involve:

Briefing 1000-1100 Tutor led introduction to the report

1100-1115 Coffee

Discussion1115-1215 Discussion on the report to find the questions to be answered

1215-1300 Lunch

Seminar 1300- 1400 Small group work to identify answers to the questions

1400-1415 Coffee

Feedback 1415-1515 Feedback on small group work

1515-1530 Coffee

Outcomes 1530- to the end: Making plans and setting targets for the future


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To get the audit commission report follow this link

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