Academics are not the experts, managers are the experts but what fitting-in can do is to help managers to use their expertise.

Theory without practice is a waste - Practice without theory may just be dumb!

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How do I send my work?

Fitting-in will publish your work free of charge - all you have to do is email it as a word document and we will put it into a pdf, add it to the list of contributors and publish it online. We will then send you an email to confirm publication with a link that you can distribute to your friends. Its as easy as that.
If you you do not get a reply from us within five days then send an email - if that does not produce a response then it is possible your email has been treated as spam by our spam detector. Ring us and we can put that right

What does fitting-in publish?

Fitting-in is here to act as a conduit for information on the fire service - therefore we publish anything that is relevant. If you have a doubt about your work email us

Ring Dave Baigent on 07802 495 329 or email